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Indonesia has a lot of waterfalls, both located in the mountains, in the mountains, in the highlands and low, even around the beach though. This waterfall is one of the wealth of nature tourism owned by Indonesia. Waterfalls owned by Indonesia there are very large / high, large / high, medium, to small or low. Many famous waterfalls in Indonesia, but not more famous. All the waterfalls are beautiful, and almost every island in Indonesia must have a waterfall. Waterfall itself is a stream of water formed when there is a flow of water that falls from a high place. Then the flow of water that fell will crush the bottom of the river so that the formation of a basin that resembles a pond. This waterfall can be formed also because of a fracture of the river ailiran (broken above which is the flow of the river). One of the waterfalls in Bali is Gitgit waterfall.
Gitgit Waterfall is a waterfall that has the highest cliff in northern Bali. Not only there is one waterfall, but Gitgit has many waterfalls that are very beautiful and charming. In addition to being used as a tourist attraction, Gitgit Waterfall is also often used as a place of photography by photographers who want to choose the feel of a waterfall as its object.
Location Gitgit waterfall is located at Jalan Raya Bedugul – Singaraja, Gitgit Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. From Ngurah Rai airport will require a distance of about 81.7 km or with travel time about 2 hours 36 minutes google map version, from downtown Denpasar is about 69 km. While the lake beratan tourist attractions are about 20.4 km and from the city of Singaraja only about 11.1 km.
To reach the location of the waterfall Gitgit attractions from the parking lot visitors must walk several hundred meters through the path of rice fields, clove gardens, and coffee. Sightseeing Gitgit waterfall offers a cool natural nuance so unique in the highland areas of the mountains.
After arriving to the location of the waterfall Gitgit attractions, visitors can see the natural beauty that plastered the front of the eye. A gentle breeze was carried along with the dew or steam that the wind blow on the face that feels so fresh.
There is also a grove of trees and rush of shrubs on the cliff that seemed to add to the naturalness of water attractions Gitgit waterfall. Gitgit waterfall object in Bali has become one of the mainstay of Buleleng Regency. Gitgit waterfall object is very easy to find.
The reason, to get to the attractions of Gitgit waterfall has been no description board to the waterfall.
In addition to enjoying the freshness of Gitgit waterfall attractions, it turns out in Gitgit still has some waterfalls that are not less interesting to visit. Some of these waterfalls are twin waterfalls, multilevel waterfalls, and waterfall colek pamor.
Gitgit waterfall terraced. It is well known that the Gitgit waterfall is not just one fruit, but there are many and varied. Gitgit waterfall is named multilevel because it is the shape of this multilevel Gitgit waterfall following a stratified groove like a ladder.
Twin Gitgit waterfall. In addition to the multilevel Gitgit waterfall, there are also twin Gitgir waterfalls. This one waterfall is said to be twins because this waterfall boils down to one point in common and side by side.

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